The "Lord Of Life" was painted by Kathy Grimm. It is a copyrighted work but pro-life defenders can use this clipart if they keep the Terms of Use.


Christian Clipart Links. The gallery staff is working hard to list all of the Christian graphic resources made available on the entire internet. This is the most complete list, that we know of. If you have any Christian clipart resources that you would like to share with our patrons, let us know. It costs nothing to be linked to here. Most of these Christian graphics are free, however, we do link to people who are trying to sell their own clipart.  

If you are building a website and need a comprehensive resource of Christian clipart links, ours is the one you will want to bookmark. We keep it updated constantly. We have been linking to Christian resources far longer than we can remember. If your out there we will find you, so you'd better comb your hair and straighten up your webpages! Or, you could just contact the staff and do us the favor of suggesting your link. Diving for new resources can get a bit exhausting. 

If you are thinking of creating clipart to give as a small donation to ministry, we suggest at least 10 to 20 pieces to start with. You may read our Terms of Use in the index to get an idea of "how" to word your own terms. What we talk about there is relatively standard freeware practice and language for internet Christian clipart collections. If you want to give away public domain resources, these must have been published prior to 1923 in America, if you are a U.S. citizen, or the artist must be dead for 65 years before you can touch their work. If you live in England, artist's works enter into the public domain approx. 50 years after the date of the artist's death. Do not write to argue these points with us. This is the law and we have no control over it. The law is dictated by government standards and courts of law. We have seen collections of artworks that are unlawfully redistributed. We try not to link to any of these collections. If you distribute artworks of living artists without their signed consent, you are breaking the law. You must have the permission from a living artist to do such a thing and we suggest that you get a signed release and keep it tucked away in a safe place.

Now the only known exception to these rules have been with Disney. Walt Disney Corporation has won a couple of rare lawsuits to preserve their copyrights on "Mickey Mouse," even though this work has entered into the public domain. So, don't mess around with Disney stuff people. 

  1. Imagebank
  2. Bible 2000
  3. Catholic Resources
  4. Hermanoleon Clipart
  5. Concordia Christian Clipart
  6. Timo's art
  7. Holy Names Graphics
  8. Chant Art
  9. Tarrywood Designs Inc.
  10. SBL Font
  11. Christia Net 
  12. Whyte House
  13. Christ Art
  14. Covenant Christian Clipart
  15. WELS Clipart
  16. World Missions Collections
  17. Roman Catholic Clipart
  18. Two Hearts Design
  19. 777 Images
  20. Christian Backgrounds
  21. ChristiansUnite
  22. Religious Graphics LTD
  23. Cross Daily
  24. Graphics For Jesus
  25. Christian Clipart Guide
  26. Silk.Net
  27. PC (USA) logos
  28. Crystal Cloud Graphics
  29. Waystock
  30. The Bible Revival
  31. Dore Bible Illustrations
  32. La Vista Church of Christ
  33. Highland Cathedral
  34. New Creations
  35. LCMS-free Luther's rose
  36. Visual Worship
  37. Worship Graphics
  38. Free Christian Photos
  39. Pick and Print Gallery
  40. CathLINK Australia
  41. Ministry Clipart
  42. Paulie's Easter Graphics
  43. Salvation Army Clipart
  44. Revelation Illustrated
  45. American Bible Society
  46. Franciscan Clipart
  47. Upon This Rock
  48. Heartlight
  49. Liturgical Backgrounds
  50. Dee signs by dee
  51. World's Greatest Madonnas
  52. Catholic Doors
  53. Glorious Web Designs
  54. Atlantic Fish 
  55. CarmelNet
  56. Free Christian Images
  57. Image Galleries of the Saints
  58. Orthodox Icon Gallery
  59. Baptist Logos and Clipart
  60. Tees Valley Quakers
  61. Clipart ETC
  62. Donna's Christian Clip Art
  63. Christian Symbols
  64. Faith Clipart 
  65. Sunday Software
  66. Bible Land Pictures
  67. Bible Places
  68. Joan Smith
  69. Creative Ladies Ministry
  70. Crossmap Arts
  71. Higher Praise
  72. Two Edge Graphics
  73. The College Of St. Catherine
  74. Ministry Clipart
  75. Oxygen
  76. Joe Maniscalco's Biblical Illustrations
  77. Photo Mission Inc.
  78. Doris Pritchett
  79. Free Clipart From LifeWay
Spanish Christian Clipart.
  1. Ciudad Redonda
  2. Club Telepolis
  3. Estampas Trinitarias
  4. Clips-arts Carmelitas
  5. Coleccion de dibujos
  6. Paracatequistas
  7. Imagenes Liturgicas
  8. CristoArte
  9. Banco de Imagenes


Last updated in 2010.

Asbjorn Lonvig's Studio


Need more variety when it comes to Ash Wednesday clip art? Our staff is busy creating new graphics like these to help churches spread the Good News on Ash Wednesday this year! If you need some unique Ash Wednesday titles and illustrations for your church web pages or personal blogs etc... , just click on our links.

This would be an appropriate image for e-mails announcing an upcoming Christian rock concert. Or maybe you have guitars like this one to play on Sunday morning?

Well, can't you come up with something creative to include this image in? Like maybe a Bible study on the Book of the Revelation?