Photofunia is a new breakthrough of an online image editing tool that offers various themes, effects, and application that you can download for your Android Phones, iPhone, iPod Tough and Ipad. The application is not only for those gadgets, but it is also can be applied for your laptop or desktop. It is surely a simple application with a great result. You just need gadgets aforementioned or computer and internet to start this application. 
There are steps to apply photofunia effects in your PC and internet. First, go to photofunia site. Before going there, make sure that the images you want to upload are in .jpg, .png or .gif format. Second, after entering the site, direct your cursor to the effects tab, select a frame, choose and upload your images, and then click go button. Easy enough, right?

After that, you will get the result of your image with the effect that you chose before. Then save it, share, and print or send it as postcard. Photo funia gives what you want without requiring you to master such a complicated ability like what is required by Corel Draw or Photoshop. Download the application right now and get update every day because the site is opened 24 hours in a week.