holy experience

1. I am thankful for God's Amazing Grace!

When we've been here ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we've first begun.

2. I am thankful for my children who teach me to value life itself.
3. I am thankful for my husband, who always comes home from wherever he has ventured to explore!
4. I'm thankful for poets who can describe whatever I'm feeling more eloquently than I can write about it myself.

I thank Thee that I learn
Not toil to spurn;
With all beneath the sun
It makes me one;
For tears, whereby I gain
Kinship with human pain;
For Love, my comrade by the dusty ways,
I give Thee praise.
--Emily Read Jones.

5. I'm thankful for author's who can write a few lines that touch the very depth of men's souls.

A little scene of child-life has often seemed to me to contain the most touching lesson for men. A child knows when it receives a service from any one that it should say thank you. But, often, when a child renders us a service, we forget to thank it. After having waited in vain for the little word which should be pronounced, it then itself says, "Thank you," and goes its way. The child has a feeling that something ought to happen and does not; then he takes charge of it himself. --Charles Wagner, "The Gospel of Life."

6. I'm thankful for coffee; need I say more?
7. I'm thankful for this free blogging software. Otherwise, I could not afford to communicate with others online about Christ.
8. I am thankful for the time God gives to me to meditate upon His word. When I can stop and think about my life, His blueprint unfolds and I find new energy to live for His design.

Thinking is specific, not a machine-like, ready-made apparatus to be turned indifferently and at will upon all subjects, as a lantern may throw its light as it happens upon horses, streets, gardens, trees or river. Thinking is specific in that different things suggest their own appropriate meanings, tell their own unique stories and in that they do this in very different ways with different persons. As the growth of the body is through the assimilation of food, so the growth of mind is through the logical organization of subject-matter. Thinking is not like a strange machine which reduces all materials indifferently to one marketable commodity, but is a power of following up and linking together the specific suggestions that specific things arouse. Accordingly, any subject, from Greek to cooking, and from drawing to mathematics, is intellectual, if intellectual at all, not in its fixt inner structure, but in its function--in its power to start and direct significant inquiry and reflection.-- John Dewey, "How we Think."

A gentleman traveling in the lonely part of the highlands of Scotland was attracted by the bleating of a ewe, as the animal came from the roadside, as if to meet him. When nearer she redoubled her cries and looked up into his face as if to ask for assistance. He alighted from his gig and followed her to considerable distance from the road, where he found a lamb completely wedged in betwixt two large stones, and struggling with its legs uppermost. He took out the sufferer and placed it on the green sward, when the mother, seemingly overjoyed, poured forth her thanks in a long-continued bleat.

The good Shepherd giveth His life for His sheep. He rejoices more at the safety of the lost sheep than over the ninety and nine that were safe in the fold.

This apostrophe to a butterfly was written by Alice Freeman Palmer:

I hold you at last in my hand,
Exquisite child of the air;
Can I ever understand
How you grew to be so fair?

You came to this linden-tree
To taste its delicious sweet,
I sitting here in the shadow and shine
Playing around its feet.

Now I hold you fast in my hand,
You marvelous butterfly,
Till you help me to understand
The eternal mystery.

From that creeping thing in the dust
To this shining bliss in the blue!
God, give me courage to trust
I can break my chrysalis, too!



Jacob wrestling with the Angel of God is a
popular angelophany depicted by artists. Read
our Terms of Use before downloading this
Christian Clip Art.
        The history of the Old Testament patriarch Jacob reads like a romance. He was the younger of the two sons of Isaac, and was at a great disadvantage on this account. Among his people the eldest son always became the family heir and also received the choicest blessing from the father, a privilege coveted as much as wealth. In this case therefore the privileged son was Jacob's brother Esau. Jacob resented keenly the inequality of his lot; and his mother sympathized with him, as he was her favorite. A feeling of enmity grew up between the brothers, and in the end Jacob did Esau a great wrong.
      One day Esau came in from hunting, nearly starved, and finding his younger brother cooking some lentils, begged a portion of it for himself. Jacob seized the chance to make a sharp bargain. He offered his brother the food—which is called in the quaint Bible language a "mess of pottage"—making him promise in return that he would let their father give his blessing to the younger instead of the older son. Esau was a careless fellow, too hungry to think what he was saying, and so readily yielded.
      But though Esau might sell his birthright in this fashion, the father would not have been willing to give the blessing to the younger son, had it not been for a trick planned by the mother. The old man was nearly blind, and knew his sons apart by the touch of their skin, as Esau had a rough, hairy skin and Jacob a smooth one. The mother put skins of kids upon Jacob's hands and neck and bade him go to his father pretending to be Esau, and seek his blessing. The trick was successful, and when a little later Esau himself came to his father on the same errand, he found that he had been superseded. Naturally he was very angry, and vowed vengeance on his brother. Jacob, fearing for his life, fled into a place called Padanaram.
      In this place he became a prosperous cattle farmer and grew very rich. He married there also and had a large family of children. After fourteen years he bethought himself of his brother Esau and the great wrong he had done him. He resolved to remove his family to his old home, and to be reconciled with his brother. Hardly daring to expect to be favorably received, he sent in advance a large number of cattle in three droves as a gift to Esau. Then he awaited over night some news or message from his brother. In the night a strange adventure befell him. This is the way the story is told in the book of Genesis.
Jacob Wrestling With The Angel
by Rembrant. The painting is in
Glemaldgalerie, Berlin, Germany.
      "There wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him. And he said, 'Let me go, for the day breaketh.' And he said, 'I will not let thee go, except thou bless me,' And he said unto him, 'What is thy name?' And he said, 'Jacob,' And he said, 'Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel; for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.'... And he blessed him there.
      "And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. And as he passed over Penuel, the sun rose upon him and he halted upon his thigh;" that is, he walked halt, or lame.
      The crisis in Jacob's life was passed, for hardly had he set forth on this morning when he saw his brother whom he had wronged advancing with four hundred men to meet him. "And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck and kissed him: and they wept."
So were the brothers reconciled.
      The picture represents Jacob wrestling with his mysterious adversary. We have seen from his history how determined he was to have his own way, and how he wrested worldly prosperity even from misfortunes. Now he is equally determined in this higher and more spiritual conflict. It is a very real struggle, and Jacob has prevailed only by putting forth his utmost energy. It is the moment when the grand angel, pressing one knee into the hollow of Jacob's left thigh and laying his hand on his right side, looks into his face and grants the blessing demanded as a condition for release. Strong and tender is his gaze, and the gift he bestows is a new name, in token of the new character of brotherly love of which this victory is the beginning. (Rembrandt: A collection of fifteen pictures and a portrait of the painter with introduction and interpretation. by Hurll, Riverside Press Cambridge, 1899) 

Below are just few links to artists who have depicted this popular angelophany throughout history: 

Few people posses the kindly sense of the French abbe mentioned in the memoirs of Madame Vig'ee de Brun, the celebrated portrait-painter of the last century. This gentleman was, unfortunately, extremely deformed, and, playing at cards with him, Madame de Brun was so struck by his strange figure the she inadvertently hummed a few bars of a tune called "The Hunchback." Immediately recollecting herself, she stopt in confusion, whereupon the abbe turned to her with a kindly smile, "My dear madame, continue your tune. I assure you it does not offend me in the least; the association is so natural a one, that I believe it would have occurred to me in your place."-- London Evening Standard.

The influence exercised by kind words from certain people can not be measured. I have in mind a retiring, modest man, singular in aspect and manner, who every Sunday visited the house of a friend where the head of the family, a superior man of great position, always bade him "Good-evening," and kindly asked after his health. His simple words were so valued by this lonely man that when his friend died and he could no longer receive his kindly greeting, he left his employment and the city, dying in his turn of sorrow, in some obscure and unknown place where he had sought refuge.--Dora Melegart, "Makers of Sorrow and Makers of Joy."

In tuning a piano the artist strikes his tuning-fork on a hard surface and holds it to his ear while at the same time he strikes the A key on the keyboard. Then he tightens or loosens the string until the key and the fork correspond. From this he proceeds to harmonize all the other keys.

For the harmony of human life we have One who furnishes the key-note. When we tune our life up to His all its chords become consonant.

The time has not yet come when man may plow the atmosphere for rains as he plows the soil for crops. If mines must be worked and towns built in arid regions, let promoters of these schemes be required to build aqueducts and bore wells sufficient in advance to supply the needed water, not waiting until droughts come and the people die. Every place on this globe has its rainy years and its dry years. Areas of cold and heat, wind and calm, rain and drought, appear and move and disappear in irregular succession. We must prepare for them and provide against disaster. We can not control the weather, but we may control ourselves.

Why should people balk at conversion as if it was something foreign to the universe? The fact is that there is not a moment of time when the process ceases. Dr. W. L. Watkinson calls attention to it in this way.

You come away from your house leaving your ink pot with the sun shining upon it. You go back. Where is your ink? Why, if you look up into the sky to-morrow you will see it in the rainbow! Nature is absolutely full of cleansings, of refinements, of marvelous chemistries, up-liftings, transformations, transmutations, transfigurations! And do you mean to tell me that in a world where you see every day the miracle of renewal, the miracle of transfiguration--do you mean to tell me that the only thing in it that can not be changed is the human soul, that which it is most desirable to change? (Text)

The late Prof. Henry Drummond was staying at the house of a friend whose coachman had imperiled his career more than once by drunkenness. "Do try and speak to him about it," said the lady to Professor Drummond. Driving to the station, Professor Drummond sat beside the coachman. The carriage narrowly escaped collision through the carelessness of another driver. "Didn't I manage that well?" said the coachman to Professor Drummond. "You did, indeed. How was It?" "I understand the horses' mouths exactly and they obey my slightest guidance." Drummond seized the opportunity immediately. "I have only a minute," he said, "but let me ask, Why don't you throw the reins of your life to God, who understands your mouth and is ready and willing to guide you?" The word went home to the coachman's heart. (Text)

No wonder you yawn and know not what to do next if you have no God, for ennui is the mark of godlessness.

Nothing is worth while but God.

The very naming of God gives zest to life.

I love to feel God love the world through me, until I am fairly washed away by the current.

Of what moment is it whether I live or die so long as that goes on?--Ernest Crosby, "Swords and Plowshares."

The steamer, Samaritan, on the St. Lawrence, was suddenly enveloped in a heavy fog, completely hiding the shore and every object from view. Yet the ship continued in full speed. The passengers became frightened and censured Captain Dutton and complained to the first mate. He replied, smiling, "Don't be frightened; the fog only extends a certain height, and the captain is up above the fog running the vessel."

We who fear the dangers of time and the world, often forget that God, the great Captain, is above the fog and knows just where and whither He is steering the life ship.

Constant communion will surround us with an atmosphere through which none of the many influences which threaten our Christian life and our Christian work can penetrate. As the diver in his bell sits dry at the bottom of the sea, and draws a pure air from the free heavens far above him, and is parted from that murderous waste of green death that clings so closely round the translucent crystal walls which keep him sage, so we, enclosed in God, shall repel from ourselves all that would overflow to destroy us and our work, and may by His grace lay deeper than the waters some courses in the great building that shall one day rise, stately and many-mansioned, from out of the conquered waves. --Alexander McLaren.

This song of nightfall is by the Rev. Archibald Haddon:

The tangled threads, the untilled field,
The words unsaid, the tasks half done,
Battles unfought, and wounds unhealed,
Must wait until another sun.

Stars move, the tides and rivers roll,
Grass grows, rain falls on vale and hill.
And deep in my unconscious soul
The sleepless life of God works still.

I rest on thy unwearied mind;
Thy planning and thy love go on,
Nor dost thou leave me far behind;
I'm carried to another dawn.

The new day breaks. From earth's old mold
Fresh flowers grow along my way.
New light is flashed on problems old;
On ancient life new forces play.

O wondrous, wakeful Warden! When
The last green nightfall comes to me,
From that deep slumber rouse me then,
That I Thy tireless child may be.

A lady physician in one of the mission fields restored to health a beloved child of a native. In gratitude the parents knelt at her feet and not only thanked but worshiped her as a god. She remonstrated, saying that she was a mortal like themselves and worship belonged only to God. They replied that no one but a god could have saved their loved one from death. "Whom would you thank and praise," the missionary replied, "for a princely gift sent by the hand of a coolie--the servant or his generous master, the giver?" I am but God's coolie by whose hand He has been pleased to send you this great gift of healing." (Text)

The mosses on the rock, as well as the trees that bend stately above them, the birds that fly and sing in heaven, as well as the clouds that gather and dissolve there, the mimosa that closes its sensitive petals if a footfall approaches, and the stars that reign silent on empyreal thrones--each must in turn give witness to the Most High; till the frame of creation shall be all eclaircised, not so much a pillar engraven around with the trophies of omnipotence, as a solid but transparent sphere of crystal, lighted from within by the calm thought of God! (Text) -- Richard S. Storrs.

Dwight L. Moody in his sermons used to tell of a mother who had an only child that was an idiot. When she was fourteen years of age a neighbor came in and found the mother weeping in the bitterness of her soul. Asking what was the matter, the mother answered: "For fourteen years I have cared for that child day and night; I have given up society and spent my time with her, and to-day she does not know me from you. If she would only recognize me once it would pay me for all I have ever done for her."

Mr. Moody would add: "How many are there over whom the Son of God has watched and cared for and blest, and who have never once recognized Him, have never once looked up into His face and said, "Thank you, Lord Jesus."

At one time during the war of the Revolution, Washington sent Lee and Lafayette to meet the British at Englishtown. After a brief skirmish, Lee, without any apparent reason, except that it was for jealousy, ordered a retreat. Soon the American troops were all in disorder and were fleeing before the oncoming foe. Everything was in confusion and chaos.

Lafayette saw the condition, but he did not dare disobey. He hastily sent a message to the commander-in-chief, informing him of the state of things and beseeching him to come as soon as possible. In an incredibly short time, Washington appeared with fresh troops. He met the soldiers retreating. Giving Less a cutting rebuke, he began to retrieve the error of the morning. When the soldiers saw Washington, riding back and forth on his white horse, almost under the banner of the enemy, they faced about as they cried, "Long live Washington." His presence brought order and determined the victory.

In our moral warfare, when the enemy is pressing toward us, when the forces of righteousness within and without seem on the retreat, if we will send a message, lift up a prayer to the Captain of the Lord's host, He will answer while we are yet speaking, and will get the victory with His own right arm, for He is a God of battles. (text)

A great teacher of England, passing through a hospital, stopt beside a little wan-faced crippled boy, who was dying. The handsomest man in England stooped to that little stranger, saying, "My boy, God loves you." An hour later, the little cripple, in a wonder of happiness, called one nurse after another to his side, exclaiming, "He said, 'God loves me!'" and with smiles wreathing his face, the dying boy repeated the magic word. But to go toward the god of nature is to lie down in a bed of nettles. Nature exhibits God as a purple earthquake. Going toward nature is going toward a sheaf of red-hot swords. Man subdues nature's fire and wind and water, and makes them serve. Back of these rude physical forces that are to help man's body stands the infinite Father. Man's body, on a snowy day, needs a blazing fire on the hearth, and man's heart needs God's love, that redeems, guides, and forever saves.---N. D. Hillis.

Among the thirty-two "Sacred Songs" by Thomas Moore is the following exquisite lyric:

Since first Thy word awaked my heart,
Like new life dawning o'er me,
Where'er I turn mine eyes Thou art,
All light and love before me;
Naught else I feel, or hear, or see--
All bonds of earth I sever;
Thee, O God! and only Thee
I live for now and ever.

Like him whose fetters dropt away,
When light shone o'er his prison,
My spirit, touched by Mercy's ray,
Hath from her chains arisen;
And shall a soul Thou bidd'st be free,
Return to bondage? Never!
Thee O God! and only Thee
I live for, now and ever.

As there are no darkened rooms for the child when mother is near, so there can be no darkened worlds for the spirit as long as God is in them. --F. F. Shannon

Robert E. Speer writes the following:

I was awakened the other morning about four o'clock in my room by a little voice just beside my bed in the dark asking for a drink. I got the little lad a drink, and he lay quiet for a moment, and then asked, "Father, may I sing myself asleep?" And I said, "Yes, dear, go ahead." But soon he got up so much enthusiasm that I told him he would better stop, or none of the rest of us could sleep. Then he was quiet awhile, but soon I heard his little voice again in the perfect stillness of the night, "Father, have you got your face turned toward me?" And I said, "Yes, little boy," and the darkness was as the light of day to him.

I have in mind a four-year-old girl, favored in many things, but especially happy in that she spends her summers on an island in a beautiful lake, mountain-rimmed. She has always been privileged to walk with her father and mother in the fields and woods; to "go a-trudging," as she called it, has been her chief delight. "Where did the trees get their red and yellow leaves?" she asked. "Who made them red and yellow?" Her question answered, she ran to her mother with her chubby hands filled with her new treasures, saying, "See, mama! I have brought you some of God's beautiful leaves!"

"How came the island here?" she asked. "Who brought the rocks and the trees?" She was told how the island was lifted into its place; how the soil was formed, the trees planted, and the island made ready for the birds, for the trees, for the rabbits, for the squirrels, and for her--just as her father had built the house for her, in which she lived. As the time for her return to her home approached, she sat one evening watching the sunset and the early evening stars, and said, "Don't you hope that God will be at home when we get there, just as He has been here this summer?" So linked with her love of the beautiful in the world was her reverent thought of Him who had mad it beautiful-- Sarah Louise Arnold, "Proceedings of the Religious Education Association," 1905.

The captain of the Trident, the ship on which Morrison, the missionary, sailed, and who knew something of the impenetrable conservatism of the Chinese, said: "And so, Mr. Morrison, you really expect that you will make an impression upon the idolatry of the great Chinese Empire?" "No, sir," returned Mr. Morrison, severely, "I expect God will."

And such is the case of any country full of their own self-indulgence and self-interest, even if it is our own.


The works of God, above, below,
Within us and around,
Are pages in that Book to show
How God Himself is found.

Thou who hast given me eyes to see
And love this sight so fair,
Give me a heart to find out Thee
And read Thee everywhere.


Collins, the infidel, met a plain countryman going to church. He asked him where he was going. "To church, sir." "What to do there?" "To worship God." "Pray, is your God a great or a little God?" "He is both, sir." "How can He be both?" "He is so great, sir, that the heaven of heavens can not contain Him, and so little that he can dwell in my heart."

Collins declared that this simple answer of the countryman had more effect upon his mind than all the volumes the learned doctors had written against him.

Here is a lesson on pronouns in Christian grammar according to the Bishop of Cambridge:

We have learned to say, "First person, I; second, thou; third, he." But to put it right, we must turn it upside down: "First person, He; second, thou; third, I." "He," means God, the first person in the first place; "thou," my fellow man; and "I," myself, comes last.



God! Thou art Love! I built my faith on
I know Thee, Thou hast kept my path and
Light for me in the darkness--tempering
So that it reached me like a solemn joy;
It were too strange that I should doubt Thy
love. ---Browning

A friend once said to me: "So long as my children were little, I lived at peace with my faults and bad habits. Perhaps they were annoying to others, but the caused me no uneasiness. But since my children have grown up, I am ashamed to meet their eyes, for I know they judge me, observe my attitude, my manner of acting, and measure my words. Nothing escapes them; neither the little 'white lie,' nor my illogical reasoning; neither unjustifiable irritation, nor any of the thousand imperfections I formerly indulged in. I require now to be constantly on my guard, and what will finally happen is this, that, instead of my having trained them, my children will have formed my character." --Dora Melegari, "Makers of Sorrow and Makers of Joy."

The tenor of Scripture is that if we are in tune with the divine mind, and so are receptive of the secret whispers and suggestions of the Spirit of God, then that Spirit will first inspire in us the prayers which our Heavenly Father will consistently answer.

"Every prayer is a transaction with order. You go home with a packet of seeds for your little girl, and you take her out, and say : "This little plot shall be yours. Whatever comes of this packet of seeds shall be yours." Now, what can come of a penny packet of seeds in all this infinite universe, with stars and systems whirling round? Beauty can come of it! Life can come of it! Why? Because your little gardener is transacting with older. She is dealing with law, and law will deal with her, and out of the seed she sows there shall come beauty to gladden her. When she kneels an hour or two later, and breathes forth from a pure heart a prayer to the eternal God for blessing upon herself and you, will you say, "What good can come of it?'' Good can come of where law rules, where right is triumphant. Prayer is not a dip into a lucky bag. It is dealing with eternal law." author unknown.

Not only in the Book
If found God's word,
But in the song of every brook
And every bird.
In sun and moon and star
His message shines!
The flowers that fleck the green fields are
His fragrant lines.
His whisper in the breeze,
And His the voice
That bids the leaves upon the trees
Sing and rejoice.
Go forth, O soul! nor fear
Nor doubt, for He
Shall make the ears of faith to hear--
The eyes to see.

Wireless ships suggest the value of our unseen helpers. Life is a sea, and men are mariners. As long as the sea is smooth we do not give much thought to our helpers in the unseen. But smooth sea, rough sea, or no sea, the helpers are there, waiting to be called. And behind them all stands the eternal Christ, dispatching his cosmic soldiers, even as the Roman centurion commanded his legions.--F. F. Shannon.


Web Of Life. Sit down by the side of an Old World lacemaker for a few moments. Fifty or a hundred bobbins, or spools, hang around a cushion in which there is a forest of upright pins. Every bobbin hangs by a thread that runs toward and among the pins. The onlooker sees the worker throw one bobbin over another, as tho she were playing with them. But how she knows which bobbin to pick up, and where to toss it, is a mystery. Out of the great complex of pins and threads comes a beautiful lace pattern, regular and beautiful. So the divine Weaver takes one and another of us, ordering us here and there, but keeping us always attached, like the lace-maker's thread, to a definite purpose. As we look back over the past, we can see the wonderful pattern and perfect work of the weaver. Just what he is working out, for us and with us, now, we can not discern. But the lesson of the past is that the future will be good, and we can trust the Weaver of the indefinite to do all things well.

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Literature As An Inspiration. Literature is but one of the forms of art through which man's aspiration, his ideals, are revealed. The soul of man takes the hues of that which man's aspiration, his ideals, are revealed. The soul of man takes the hues of that which environs it. It is literature which inspires; not linguistics, rhetoric, and grammar, valuable as these may be for other purposes. Witness the tributes of Darwin and Mill to the power of imaginative literature; these men mourned the fact that other things deprived them of that great power of culture of the feelings which the love of literature brought. Barrie has said that a young man may be better employed than in going to college; but when there, he is unfortunate if he does not meet some one who sends his life off at a new angle. "One such professor," says he, "is the most any university may hope for in a single generation." He says, "When you looked into my mother's eyes, you knew why it was that God sent her into the world; it was to open the eyes of all who looked to beautiful thoughts, and that is the beginning and end of literature." After having opened the eyes of people to beautiful thoughts, we must be willing to wait, for moral results do not come immediately. --A. J. George, "Proceedings of the Religious Education Association."

The Liberating Secret
The Library of Christian Classics
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Online Friends (Quaker)
Methodist Books
Pass The Word
Plough E-books
Project Gutenberg
Revival Library
St. Pachomius East Orthodox Library
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The Devil's Bride

Search Engines/Directories/Large Collections of Links. Pastors, priests, church workers should make it a habit to submit their webpages to these Christian search engines. This will help these folks to grow and will also help others to find you.
We Spread The Word
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Bible Search Engine
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The following Christian church denominations link to corresponding home pages/headquarters. Our staff will over a process of time link also to the mission organizations of each denomination and their corresponding publishing houses.
Advent Christian General Conference.
Adventist Connections. missions.
African Methodist Episcopal Church.
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
American Association of Lutheran Churches,
American Baptist Association.
American Baptist Churches-USA.
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the U.S.A.
American Evangelical ChristianChurches.
Anabaptist Groups.
Anglican Catholic Church.
Anglican Church.
Anglican Church in America, The
Anglican Province of Christ the King.
Antiochian Catholic Church in America
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
Apostolic/American Orthodox Catholic Church
Apostolic Christian Churches of America.
Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, OR.
East USA Diocese.
West USA Diocese.
California DioceseApostolic Lutheran Church of America
Apostolic World Christian Fellowship
Armenian Apostolic Church of America
Armenian Apostolic Church of America
Assemblies of God.
Assemblies of God International Fellowship
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.
Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Association of Vineyard Churches.
Baptist Bible Fellowship International.
Baptist General Conference.
Baptist Missionary Association of America.
Baptist Organizations, Various.
Bible Fellowship Church.
Brethren Church, Ashland,
Brethren, Church of the.
Brethren in Christ Church.
Byzantine Catholic Church in America.
Canadian Evangelical Christian Churches.
Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
Catholic Charismatic Church.
Catholic Information Network.
Charismatic Episcopal Church.
Christian & Missionary Alliance.
Christian Church of North America.
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Christian Reformed Church.
Church of the Brethren.
Church of the United Brethren in Christ.
Church of Christ
International Churches of Christ
Church of God (Anderson).
Church of God (Cleveland).
Church of God (Holiness).
Church of God General Conference
Church of God in Christ.
Church of God of Prophecy.
Church of God, Seventh Day
Church of God, The.
Church of God USA, The, (A.J. Tomlinson).
Church of the Lutheran Brethren.
Church of the Lutheran Confession.
Church of the Nazarene
Church of the United Brethren in Christ
Churches of God, General Conference.
Community of Christ.
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.
Congregational Holiness Church.
Conservative Baptist Association of America
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.
Coptic Orthodox Church
Creation 7th Day Adventist Church
Cumberland Presbyterian
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
Disciples of Christ.
Episcopal Church.
Episcopal Missionary Church.
Evangelical Christian Church Inc.
Evangelical Community Church - Lutheran.
Evangelical Congregational Church.
Evangelical Covenant Church
Evangelical Free Church of America.
Evangelical Friends International
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
Evangelical Methodist Church
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.
Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the
Free Methodist Church of North America.
Free Presbyterian Church.
Free Reformed Churches of North America
Friends General Conference.
Friends United Meeting.
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.
Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers
General Association of General Baptists
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.
General Association of Six-Principle Baptist Churches.
Grace Brethren Church.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.
Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, The
Hutterian Brethren.
IFCA International.
Independent Anglican Church.
Independent Baptist Network.
Independent Celtic Church.
Independent Christian Churches
Independent Fundamentalist Churches of America.
International Apostolic Fellowship, Inc.
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.
International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church
International Council of Community Churches.
International Fellowship of Bible Churches.
International Pentecostal Church of Christ.
International Pentecostal Holiness Church.
Liberal Catholic Church International
Liberal Catholic Church - Theosophia Synod
Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, official
Lutheran Orthodox Church, The
Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America.
U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.
Mennonite Church USA.
Mennonite - Conservative Mennonite Conference
Mennonite - The Evangelical Mennonite Conference.
Mennonite Information Center
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.
Missionary Church USA.
Moravian Church in America.
Mount Calvary Holy Church of America
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.
National Association of Evangelicals.
National Association of Free Will Baptist Churches.
National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.
National Council of Churches.
National Organization of the New Apostolic Church of North America
North American Baptist Conference.
North American Christian Convention.
Old Roman Catholic Church in North America.
Orthodox Catholic Church of America
Orthodox Church in America.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.
Pentecostal Church of God.
Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness Church.
Pillar of Fire International.
Polish National Catholic Church.
Presbyterian Church in America.
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Primitive Baptist Church
Primitive Methodist Church in the U.S.A.
Progressive National Baptist Church.
Reformed Church in America.
Reformed Church in the U.S.
Reformed Episcopal Church.
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.
Religious Society of Friends.
Roman Catholic, US Catholic Conference.
Romanian Episcopate of the Orthodox Church in America.
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia.
Salvation Army U.S.
Separate Baptists in Christ
Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA/New Gracanica Metropolitanate.
Seventh Day Adventists.
Seventh Day Baptist Churches.
Six Principle Baptists.
Southern Baptist Convention.
Southern Episcopal Church.
Sovereign Grace Baptist Association.
Swedenborgian Church.
Syrian Orthodox Church.
Traditional Episcopal Church.
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A. and the Diaspora.
United Church of Christ.
United Methodist Church.
United Pentecostal Church International.
Unity of the Brethren.
The Vatican.
Victory Outreach International.
Wesleyan Church.
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
Worldwide Church of God.
Homechurch Organization.
The Worldwide House Church Registry.
House Church Central.

Our staff will attempt to give a larger representation of Christian sermon links here from many different Christian churches and/or denominations. This will enable our visitors to read and be educated about others. This does not mean, however, that we are not selective for ourselves. It only means that this is intended as an excellent resource for those who are already well educated about their beliefs. We do not necessarily agree with everything represented here. "Christian" under this category is defined as those who believe in the basic doctrines stated in the Apostle's Creed.

Sermon Libraries, Collections, and Indexes

Both Historical and Contemporary Sermons by Individual Pastors, Priests, Missionaries and Evangelists.

Sermons linked from Current Church web pages

Christian Radio Broadcasters
Back To The Bible Dr. Woodrow Kroll
Bible Answer Man Hank Hanegraaff
Bott Radio Network
Changing Lives For Good
Desiring God John Piper and Bob Allen
Discover the Word Robinson Mathews De Haan
Eye on the Middle East Dr. Elwood McQuaid
FamilyLife Today Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine
Focus on the Family Dr. James Dobson
For Faith And Family Dr. Richard Land
Gippsland Christian Broadcasters
Harvest Greg Laurie
Hope For The Heart June Hunt
In Touch Dr. Charles Stanley
Intentional Living Dr. Randy Carlson
Jay Sekulow Live
Just Thinking Dr. Ravi Zacharias
KFUO Rev. Hawkinson
Leading the Way Dr. Michael Youssef
Love Worth Finding Dr. Adrian Rogers
Lutheran Hour Dr. Ken Klaus
MoneyLife Chuck Bentley
One Place Listen For Life
Rejoice Radio
Renewing Your Mind Dr. R.C. Sproul
Revive Our Hearts Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Truth For Life Pastor Alistair Begg
Turning Point Dr. David Jeremiah