Local look is the use of specialized Internet look engines that acquiesce users to abide geographically accountable searches adjoin a structured database of bounded business listings. Typical bounded look queries accommodate not alone advice about "what" the armpit company is looking for (such as keywords, a business category, or the name of a customer product) but additionally "where" information, such as a artery address, burghal name, postal code, or geographic coordinates like breadth and longitude. Examples of bounded searches accommodate "Hong Kong hotels", "Manhattan restaurants", and "Dublin Hertz". Bounded searches display absolute or absolute bounded intent business listing. A look that includes a breadth modifier, such as "Bellevue, WA" or "14th arrondissement", is an absolute bounded search. A look that references a artefact or account that is about captivated locally, such as "restaurant" or "nail salon", is an absolute bounded search.

Local look sites are primarily accurate by announcement from businesses that ambition to be acutely featured back users look for specific articles and casework in specific locations(business web directory). Bounded look announcement can be awful able because it allows ads to be targeted actual absolutely to the look agreement and breadth provided by the user.

Local look is the accustomed change of acceptable off-line advertising, about broadcast by bi-weekly publishers and TV and radio broadcasters, to the Web. Historically, consumers relied on bounded newspapers and bounded TV and radio stations to acquisition bounded artefact and services. With the appearance of the Web, consumers are more application look engines to acquisition these bounded articles and casework online. In contempo years, the cardinal of bounded searches online has developed rapidly while off-line advice searches, such as book Yellow Page lookups, accept declined. As a accustomed aftereffect of this about-face in customer behavior, bounded artefact and account providers are boring alive their announcement investments from acceptable off-line media to bounded look engines.

A array of look engines are currently accouterment bounded search, including efforts backed by the better look engines, and new start-ups. Some of these efforts are added targeted to specific vertical segments while others are angry to mapping products.

Various geolocation techniques may be acclimated to bout visitors' queries with advice of interest. The sources and types of advice and credibility of absorption alternate varies with the blazon of bounded look engine.

Google Maps (formerly Google Local) looks for concrete addresses mentioned in approved web pages. It provides these after-effects to visitors, forth with business listings and maps. Product-specific look engines] use techniques such as targeted web ample and absolute feeds to aggregate advice about articles for auction in a specific geographic area.